Hello. My name is Brianna, or Bri (pronounced Bree, like the cheese). This is blog post number 1 for Come Fly With Bri.

I would give you an outline of who I am, but I’d like to keep my posts short. People are impatient, including me. So if you want a little bit more background, please head to the ‘About’ page.

So let’s get straight into it. – What is this blog about? What is it for? And how is it different from the other 500 million blogs out there?

What is this blog about?

First and foremost this is a travel diary, as from the 14thof September 2019 I am embarking on a 6-month adventure, exploring the many beaches, cities, towns and rainforests of seven different countries. Stay tuned for further details about this in another post.

For now, I want to continue to explain the basis for this blog, as there is also another reason which lies behind its name. Having newly graduated, it is time to fly the nest, it is time to adult. And although I have frequently heard the phrase “The world is your oyster” exclaimed at me, it doesn’t always feel that way. With Brexit on the horizon, social media taking over and the catastrophe that is climate change, the world has never felt so uncertain. I feel apprehensive stepping out into a society which has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. So, if you feel any of the above, then please follow this space to learn from my mistakes and my wins, and share my journey to adulthood.

What is the blog for?

It’s for people who feel similarly lost, side-tracked, wandering or are about to begin a new adventure in their life. I understand that this might apply to all sorts of people – near, far and in-between, since we each face new challenges every day. However, no matter what your reason for visiting, I hope that reading this blog is a positive, reassuring and engaging experience. For me, this is a creative outlet where I can express my thoughts, opinions and experiences with the aim of providing useful and applicable advice to share with you.

How is it different?

Unlike other blogs and bloggers, this is an on-the-go documentation from a self-acclaimed inbetweener (*inserts image of Neil*). What I mean by this is that whilst many blogs tend to be more reflective, looking back before sharing their wisdom left, right and centre, Come Fly With Bri is more a leap of faith from a female 20-something and her laptop. I am no longer a student, nor am I employed, I am somewhere in between. This does not mean I am lacking in skills, passion or experience, merely that I am ready to throw myself from the nest, bracing myself for hitting a few branches along the way, but knowing that a few learning curves will thrust me back up to the sky. You can rely on me to share each and every new step of adulthood as and when it happens, in a fun, raw and genuine way.

Hope that makes sense. Let’s do this!

Bri xxx