My Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

Just because we’re in quarantine it doesn’t mean we can’t dream about where we might go next! My travel plans were cut short and a lot of the money I lost I’ve been unable to get back, but I still can’t seem to help myself planning my next adventure. If anything, this time of reflection and my rediscovery of Pinterest has only fuelled my wanderlust even more!

That’s why I thought I’d share my top 10 bucket list destinations with you all, with the hope that it might inspire you to keep dreaming.

1. New Zealand

Depending on when I’ll be able to travel again, I think New Zealand is the next place I’ll go to. I was tempted to backpack it when I was in Australia earlier this year, but decided it would be too expensive to do both. So now its New Zealand’s turn. Having met so many people who’ve been and have nothing but amazing things to say about it, I’m fully persuaded. New Zealand has such a diverse landscape, with stunning scenery and a culture that encourages being at one with nature and exploring the outdoors as much as possible.

2. Hawaii

Those close to me will know that Hawaii is somewhere I should have already been too. I’d booked flights and accommodation for Oahu at the end of March 2020. Unfortunately due to the sudden nature of the coronavirus and the advice against all but essential travel, I instead had to book a last minute flight home. Other than the money I’ve lost, I have no regrets when it comes to that decision, and Hawaii very much remains at the top of my bucket list. With multiple islands to explore, whose bucket list doesn’t have Hawaii on there? From exotic beaches to volcanoes, Hawaii’s landscape is rich and diverse, and I still can’t wait to surf, snorkel, hike and just explore its contents.

3. South Africa

This is one destination that might be a little further off in the future than the rest. With its distance and popularity, I feel a trip to South Africa could quite easily break the bank. Not sure it’s on the typical backpacker route, but that doesn’t mean its not bucket list-worthy! Another reason I feel I’d have to save more for this kind of trip than any others is partly down to personal preference. If, and when I do go to South Africa, I’d want to do it properly and really take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d fork out for the best, comprehensive safari tour I could, and would love to stay in one of their national parks! From Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa has so much to offer and travelling it would be a true privilege.

4. Italy

Something a little closer to home and somewhere I’ve actually already been to: Italia. Why is this on my bucket list? Well, to tell the truth, it’s quite a new addition, which was inspired by my role as Content Writer in Australia. I spent more or less, my entire 40 hours a week, googling, reading and writing all about Italy, from the artwork in Florence to the historical site of Pompeii, I feel I am an expert on the country without having been to over half the places I’ve written about! My extensive research of Italy and newfound knowledge has made me realise how much it has to offer. It is an incredible country, rich in beautiful monuments, artwork, history and landscape, and not to mention delicious food. My absolute dream would be to do some kind of road trip through Italy, exploring not only its cities and beaches but its vineyards and islands too.

5. Croatia

Another European choice that is simply on here because it holds an appeal and curiosity that I can’t really explain. I’m not sure if its because I’ve considered going to Croatia numerous times and have never got round to it, or because I have plenty of friends and family who’ve been and rave about its beaches and nightlife? I’m not sure. Either way, European holidays will always hold a great place in my heart and I hope one of my next ones is Croatia. I also wouldn’t mind getting a tour of the Game of Thrones filming locations! As a fan of the show, it would be rude not to.

6. Canada

Mountains, lakes, cities and forests, Canada has a bit of everything and I am very intrigued. As a skier, I love the idea of doing a ski season in Canada and then taking a tour of Niagara Falls, Old Quebec, Toronto, and one of its beautiful national parks. Without looking into it, I’m not sure how much a trip like this would cost or how I would go about it (e.g. tour company, solo, road-trip?) but I know Canada has been on the wishlist for a while.

7. Japan

This is another location that I was supposed to have been to already at the start of this year, unfortunately, the world had other plans. Having been to Taiwan however, an island neighbouring China, Japan very much remains a bucket list destination. I like that it has its own unique culture that has yet to be too infiltrated by the Western world. I am intrigued by its people, customs, history and traditions and have heard wonderful things about its landscape and culture. I feel it’s unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled too.

8. Egypt

On a similar note, Egypt holds much fascination for likewise reasons. Egypt for me feels like something out of a book or film, stopped in time and saturated with history. I remember in primary school we had a whole term project dedicated to the Egyptians and it’s something which has stayed with me. I was fascinated by the country then, and still am today. I would love to learn about its past from those who know it best. Home to the River Nile, pyramids, temples, camels and historic sites, travelling Egypt sounds like an Indiana Jones adventure.

9. Scotland

Meeting different people from all around the world whilst on my travels to Asia and Australia made me realise how little I know about the UK. That’s why I want to explore places a little closer to home. And the place which holds the greatest appeal for me right now is Scotland. Not only for its natural beauty, but for its literary heritage (I studied many Scottish texts whilst at uni) and extraordinary history. I’m thinking a 2-week Scottish itinerary that includes Edinburgh and Glasgow, but also the highlands and the Isle of Skye? We’ll just have to wait and see.

10. America

Ahh America. This has been a dream of mine since I was younger. To travel America would be like living out my favourite rom-com movies, which are partly to blame for my obsession with the US. I was finally prepared to live out this dream when I signed up to do Camp America this summer and got placed as a lifeguard out in Michigan. Sadly this has had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and that’s why America remains on my bucket list and always will until I’ve explored its many states.

Hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Bri xxx