Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Under £30

With Father’s Day coming up (21st June for those of you who don’t know) I thought I’d do a quick blog post outlining some gift ideas, as let’s be honest, Dad’s can be impossible to buy for. But let’s remember, what might seem boring and mundane to us is exciting and practical for them.

Whilst the following items are there to inspire you to think of things that your Dad might like, I’ve also included some links to good deals I’ve found and examples if you’re really struggling. And the best part – all the gifts I’ve linked below are under £30!

Let’s kick off this Father Day’s gift list with some male grooming:

1. Hair Trimmer

An easy and practical gift that they’re sure to use on a weekly basis, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. That’s the best way I can think to describe this gift! Amazon currently has a great Panasonic Nose, Ear and Facial Hair Trimmer on offer for £9.37, which you can find here.

2. Razor

Another facial hair product, but again, pretty essential for men, so might as well treat them to a smooth shave experience. A razor is my go-to male gift as I once bought one for my Dad for Christmas and he liked it so much it was stolen by my brother (that’s when you know its good). The Gillette Fusion razor has never let me down before, so I’ve linked it here.

3. Aftershave

An appropriate gift to end this male grooming theme we’ve got going! Every man and woman’s best friend. Who doesn’t want to smell good? Aftershave is a great gift which can be made as flashy a present as you want, depending on your budget. Amazon has a load of deals on male fragrances right now, ranging from £10 – £60, so I’ve linked the page here.

4. Socks

A classic Dad gift that’s been bought for them since socks were invented, but, they really do love them, so they had to go on the list! I’ve found a pack of twelve here, with a rating of 4.5 stars from 3,621 reviews (not bad!). An affordable gift that can be used to accompany a card, or perhaps as a little extra to something else, your choice.

5. Underwear

These are pretty self-explanatory, so to avoid repeating what I’ve said already, I’ll just leave a link here, which includes a whole range of underwear from FM London to Calvin Klein.

6. Jumper

A nice smart jumper can go a long way, and if you know your Dad can’t always be trusted to pick out his own wardrobe then consider doing it for him. Over the years I’ve discovered what my Dad does and doesn’t like in clothes, what suits him and what doesn’t suit him, and have restocked his wardrobe accordingly. To avoid getting anything too ‘young’ for him, shops like Next, M&S, John Lewis, Crew, House of Fraser etc, are all safe bets. This Zip Neck Sweatshirt from Next, for example, is a simple, smart-casual option that comes in a variety of colours for only £24.

7. Coat or Jacket

We all know that the British summertime isn’t necessarily summery, so a jacket can always come in handy. A thinner, waterproof option is an appropriate addition to any Dad’s wardrobe. This lightweight one from Amazon has excellent reviews and comes in a range of colours. Click here for the link.

8. Gardening Tools

Moving away from clothes to summer pastimes, gardening tools are a really good practical gift for those Dad’s who like to spend their time outdoors, tending to their garden. This is something they’re unlikely to want to spend a load of money on themselves, so I’m sure they’d appreciate the gesture from someone else. You may already know what they want and need, but I’ve included a link here anyway for a basic set of garden hand tools that might come in useful.

9. Food and Drink

Buy a ready-made hamper online or make your own by filling it with all your Dad’s favourite things! Amazon Pantry has some good deals on alcoholic drinks, whilst John Lewis hampers might inspire you to do your own. It doesn’t have to be alcohol-based, John Lewis, for example, have a Whittards Coffees of the World set which is a nice alternative.

10. A Book

As lockdown continues, we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained and take our mind off things. A book, whether its fiction or non-fiction is a lovely token from you to your Dad. A gift of escapism, education and thoughtfulness for them to indulge in. See Amazon’s top-rated books here.


As a little extra, I thought I’d include some places where you can find some funny, heartfelt cards online, to send directly to your Dad’s house. Being in lockdown our choice of cards is limited to what we can find in our local supermarket. If you want to widen your search, check out the following:

Thortful – made from designers around the world. These cards are very on-trend, with a plethora of designs to choose from and an efficient service.

Moonpig – Known for their personal touch, Moonpig lets you design your own cards or pick from a range of theirs.

Papier – Simple and fun designs with a classy touch, these cards from Papier deliver your sentimental message perfectly.