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5 Charities to Donate to during COVID-19

Last night, like many others across the UK, I showed my support for the NHS by clapping outside my door at 8pm. A small

Best Hostels in Australia – 2020

Looking for comfortable, affordable and fun places to stay whilst on your Aussie travels? Not a problem! I have just moved on from travelling

How to find a job in Australia

Looking to find a job in Australia on a working holiday visa? Aren’t we all! Keep reading to find out how you can be

20 Things To Do in Melbourne, Australia

Having been in Melbourne for over 3 months now, I feel I have exhausted much of the city’s attractions, whilst also feeling like there’s

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

To complete my series of blog posts on Sri Lanka, I wanted to do an ultimate travel guide including everything you need to know

Sri Lanka Travel Budget: 1 Month, £20 a Day

Before planning any trip, one of the main questions people ask themselves is “can I afford this?” or “how much is this going to

Why Hiriketiya Beach is a Must-See

Plucked straight out of a Sri Lankan travel guide, Hiriketiya has everything a dream beach should have – white soft sand, crystal blue waters,

A Guide to Arugam Bay

Another favourite spot and must-see if you come to Sri Lanka is the beautiful Arugam Bay. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed the

Best Things To Do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Based almost half way between the West and East coasts of Sri Lanka, Ella is a small bustling town set amongst the country’s famous

Ultimate Guide to Climbing Adam’s Peak

Renamed Adam’s Peak during Britain’s colonial invasion, the 2,243 m mountain is still referred to by its former name, Sri Pada “sacred footprint”. It’s

Top 5 Things To Do In Kandy

Before I arrived in Sri Lanka, I’d heard a lot about the stunning in-land tea plantations and breath-taking beaches, but people have little to

Top Tips for Starting University

Starting University: My Top Tips Speaking from a recent graduate who successfully survived three years at uni, these top tips are here to provide

The Adventure Begins!…with a bumpy start

As promised in my last post, below is a brief outline of my travel itinerary for the next 6-months. Numbered 1-9 are all the


Hello. My name is Brianna, or Bri (pronounced Bree, like the cheese). This is blog post number 1 for Come Fly With Bri. I