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Moving to London 2021: The Ultimate Guide

So, you’ve decided to join the 8.9 million of us living in London. Is it worth it? Personally, I would have to say yes,

Starting a New Job Remotely During COVID-19

Like many young people looking for their first break into the job market, the future felt pretty bleak for me three months ago. My

Coming Off the Pill: 4-Months On

Back in April, I made the decision to come off the pill after six years of taking it. As outlined in my earlier blog

A Review of My Lockdown Reads

In no particular order here is a summary of what I’ve been reading in lockdown accompanied by my thoughts and reviews on each! 1.

5 Therapeutic Activities to Lift Your Mood

If you’re fed up of baking banana bread and aren’t feeling another zoom quiz you might want to think about trying something new! The

Moments that Made Me: Chapter 1

Last week was another weird week in lockdown; it went very quickly but I don’t really know what I did with my time? I

Why YOU Should Travel – 6 Key Benefits

There are so many reasons to love travel, and yet it’s only since I’ve come home again that I’ve realised what some of those

How I’m Using this Time to My Advantage

This past week I’ve definitely begun to accept the situation surrounding Covid-19 more. At first, I went through a stage of denial and then

How to Survive Living with Your Loved Ones

That might sound like quite a contradictory title, but I think we can all agree that even our closest friends and families can get

Why I Decided to Come Off the Pill

It still amazes me, that we as women receive very little information and guidance when it comes to ‘taboo’ subjects like contraception, sex, periods

My Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

Just because we’re in quarantine it doesn’t mean we can’t dream about where we might go next! My travel plans were cut short and

20 Binge-Worthy TV Shows to Watch in Lockdown

Contrary to my previous blog posts, which may have painted a picture of me as making the most of every single lockdown day, we

Managing Stress & Anxiety during COVID-19

Other than the isolation measures and social distancing, I sometimes think coronavirus isn’t affecting my mental health at all. But then, out of nowhere,

Thinking about Future Life in your 20s

My sister and I were talking the other day about where we might be five years from now. Five years?! That doesn’t even seem

10 Steps to Stay Productive in Isolation

About a week after returning home from my travels I could feel myself slipping into a very (familiar) sloth-like existence. Knowing myself and what

5 Charities to Donate to during COVID-19

Last night, like many others across the UK, I showed my support for the NHS by clapping outside my door at 8pm. A small

Best Hostels in Australia – 2020

Looking for comfortable, affordable and fun places to stay whilst on your Aussie travels? Not a problem! I have just moved on from travelling

How to find a job in Australia

Looking to find a job in Australia on a working holiday visa? Aren’t we all! Keep reading to find out how you can be

20 Things To Do in Melbourne, Australia

Having been in Melbourne for over 3 months now, I feel I have exhausted much of the city’s attractions, whilst also feeling like there’s

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

To complete my series of blog posts on Sri Lanka, I wanted to do an ultimate travel guide including everything you need to know

Sri Lanka Travel Budget: 1 Month, £20 a Day

Before planning any trip, one of the main questions people ask themselves is “can I afford this?” or “how much is this going to

Why Hiriketiya Beach is a Must-See

Plucked straight out of a Sri Lankan travel guide, Hiriketiya has everything a dream beach should have – white soft sand, crystal blue waters,

A Guide to Arugam Bay

Another favourite spot and must-see if you come to Sri Lanka is the beautiful Arugam Bay. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed the

Best Things To Do in Ella, Sri Lanka

Based almost half way between the West and East coasts of Sri Lanka, Ella is a small bustling town set amongst the country’s famous

Ultimate Guide to Climbing Adam’s Peak

Renamed Adam’s Peak during Britain’s colonial invasion, the 2,243 m mountain is still referred to by its former name, Sri Pada “sacred footprint”. It’s

Top 5 Things To Do In Kandy

Before I arrived in Sri Lanka, I’d heard a lot about the stunning in-land tea plantations and breath-taking beaches, but people have little to

Top Tips for Starting University

Starting University: My Top Tips Speaking from a recent graduate who successfully survived three years at uni, these top tips are here to provide

The Adventure Begins!…with a bumpy start

As promised in my last post, below is a brief outline of my travel itinerary for the next 6-months. Numbered 1-9 are all the


Hello. My name is Brianna, or Bri (pronounced Bree, like the cheese). This is blog post number 1 for Come Fly With Bri. I