HI, I'm Bri

22. English graduate. Living in London. Trying to adult.

Excuse the blunt approach, I wanted to try and avoid the more stereotypical mission statement, which often involves phrases like “Welcome to my space of the internet”. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, they’re just a little overused now in the saturated world of bloggers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m  happy to be part of that world – however small! One thing that’s missing from my opening line is travel. I started this blog to document my travels which were brutally cut short by He Who Must Not Be Named (covid). In that time my life has taken a different route and I now live and work in London.

So, what can you expect from this blog? Good question… I’m afraid there is no straightforward answer. It will be a jumble of conversations that move from one thing to the next, like a drunken late-night chat. But here’s a taste:

Gap year planning

Travel tips

Moving out

Living in London

Job advice


Where I am now