HI, I'm Bri

A 21 year old, blonde, introverted bookworm. Born and raised in a small rural village in Norfolk UK, my childhood consisted of battling it out against huge country house-spiders and three extroverted siblings. I came to rely on cups of tea and a good read as my oasis amidst our happy, but hectic, family life.

This led me to studying English at the University of Nottingham where my sheltered existence was suddenly widened. After three years of studying, socialising and reflecting, I appreciate where I’m from and who I am, whilst also feeling inspired to see and do more.

I can now list the following quirks and hobbies with knowing confidence: I’m a neat-freak; a serious dog-lover; a sucker for a sweet or chocolate (or both!). I love films and TV dramas, and having excitable, tipsy chats with my girl/guy friends, especially if it includes some cheesy hits or some R&B.

Currently on the road exploring, this blog is a creative outlet for my adventures, where I can chat to you all in an honest and personal way. 

I hope you enjoy the conversation. Thanks for visiting!

Where I am now