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Starting a New Job Remotely During COVID-19

Like many young people looking for their first break into the job market, the future felt pretty bleak for me three months ago. My

Coming Off the Pill: 4-Months On

Back in April, I made the decision to come off the pill after six years of taking it. As outlined in my earlier blog

A Review of My Lockdown Reads

In no particular order here is a summary of what I’ve been reading in lockdown accompanied by my thoughts and reviews on each! 1.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Under £30

With Father’s Day coming up (21st June for those of you who don’t know) I thought I’d do a quick blog post outlining some

5 Therapeutic Activities to Lift Your Mood

If you’re fed up of baking banana bread and aren’t feeling another zoom quiz you might want to think about trying something new! The

Moments that Made Me: Chapter 1

Last week was another weird week in lockdown; it went very quickly but I don’t really know what I did with my time? I

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