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5 Therapeutic Activities to Lift Your Mood

If you’re fed up of baking banana bread and aren’t feeling another zoom quiz you might want to think about trying something new! The

Moments that Made Me: Chapter 1

Last week was another weird week in lockdown; it went very quickly but I don’t really know what I did with my time? I

Why YOU Should Travel – 6 Key Benefits

There are so many reasons to love travel, and yet it’s only since I’ve come home again that I’ve realised what some of those

How I’m Using this Time to My Advantage

This past week I’ve definitely begun to accept the situation surrounding Covid-19 more. At first, I went through a stage of denial and then

How to Survive Living with Your Loved Ones

That might sound like quite a contradictory title, but I think we can all agree that even our closest friends and families can get

Why I Decided to Come Off the Pill

It still amazes me, that we as women receive very little information and guidance when it comes to ‘taboo’ subjects like contraception, sex, periods

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